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Setting Your Books Free

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I moved from one coast to another more than 10 years ago, and I had to make some of the most brutal literary decisions of my entire life. We had to ship our belongings for thousands of miles, and I knew I couldn’t bring my entire book collection. I would never throw away a book, so I had to find ways to help my beloved tomes find new readers. My local bookstore took some of them, but I ended up donating most of my books to my library and a thrift shop. It took years for my bookshelves to recover from this traumatic move. Thankfully, I live in a house of readers and every room is now filled with well-loved books (like "Before the Coffee Gets Cold," which I give away regularly). I don’t have any plans to move or give away books anytime soon, but these are tough decisions readers have to make every day.

Great places to donate your books

Hundreds of nonprofits around the country will help you find new homes for your books when you move, downsize, or reorganize. I have a few suggestions for places to find new homes for your book.
Your local library
I've donated tons of books to my local library over the years, just check with your local librarian for details like these. Even if you don't have books, it's great to get involved at your local library!
Operation Paperback
You can also donate books to members of our military with nonprofits like this one.
The Children's Book Project
This organization helps kids around the country discover more books.
Prison Book Program
I think books to prisoner programs are absolutely vital. I try to support them whenever possible.
Little Free Library
Many neighborhoods have one of these mini-libraries where you can exchange one of your already books. Maybe you have a in your community?

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