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How To Bring Your Twitter Followers To Fable

Fable Followers
Some people feel uncertain about Twitter right now, and wonder what they should do to create a safe and successful place for their followers to gather. There are countless health advantages and mental wellness benefits of reading, so there's no better time than the present to start reading with your followers! Fable is designed for sharing books, audiobooks, podcasts, and shows with friends and followers. With a few simple clicks, you can create a private or public Fable community for your followers, an ad-free space where you can chat, discuss, and share links. 

Starting a Fable club for your Twitter followers

These simple steps will walk you through how to build your own Fable community. By the end of this article, you can start discussing great stories with your Twitter followers!

1. Get started on Fable

Fable Sign in

2. Fill out “The Basics” about your Fable club

  • Upload a masthead image
  • Choose a color theme
  • Type and name and description of your club
The Fable Basics

3. Invite your Twitter community to join you on Fable!

  • Tap “Continue to Invites”
  • Tap “Share via”
  • Share your invite on your favorite social media platform

4. Open your book club! 

  • Tap “Finish Club Creation” 
  • Choose a book to read with your club
  • Start posting in the discussion boards for your new club!
Choose a Fable Book

Invite your followers to join you, no matter where they are

Once you’ve created your club, you can keep promoting it across social media, bringing your community back to this new space on Fable. You can share this link everywhere:
  • In your Twitter bio
  • In Twitter posts
  • In your email signature
  • In your social media bio through a service like Linktree
  • In popular Twitter hashtags like "#twittertakeover" and "#leavingtwitter"
To get a shareable link, just tap the share button at the top of your club (the + icon in the upper right-hand corner) to copy and paste your club link.Share Button Fable

5 great Twitter threads about books

Finally, don't forget to create a Twitter thread about your favorite books and mention your new club in the thread!Twitter threads take a bit of planning, organizing your thoughts about a book in a series of carefully crafted tweets. End each thread by inviting your followers to contribute recommendations as well!Here are some inspiring literary twitter threads to help you get started.
  1. “Can we start a signal-boosting thread of books from the past 10 yrs that deserved way more attention?” by Rebecca Makkai
  2. “My third book of the year is A House Without Windows by Nadia Hashimi” by Ezioma Nwanyimma
  3. “A thread of books to read if you like #Heartstopper  (AKA very cute queer stories)” by Misty Williams
  4. “Here are 7 Self-help books Everyone should read if they want to improve their life” by Bookshop Max
  5. In honor of #DisabilityAwarenessMonth, I'd love to start a thread of the best YA books with disability rep!” by Julie (Struck by Stories)

Find book clubs & book recommendations on Fable

Fable community members enjoy the many benefits of reading while making deeper human connections with other readers. Start by exploring our exceptional book recommendations from some of the world’s great tastemakers. Each Folio covers an important theme, and some of our Folio curators include LeVar Burton, Paulo Coelho, Wolfgang Puck, and Jasmine Guillory. Discover great book recommendations!Fable also makes it easy for readers to share their thoughts and connect with others through book clubs. With our platform, you can host every aspect of an online discussion at a single destination, to reach readers and build safe online communities regardless of location or time zone.Start your own book club today! Every week, we update our Fable blog with new features, interviews, and reader resources. Explore any of these articles to become a better reader and discover book recommendations in every genre.

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