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It's Time To Take the Fable Reading Challenge

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What is a reading challenge?

Every New Year, millions of people pledge to start jogging, to try a new diet, or cut down on sweet snacks. This is also a great time to set some reading resolutions, fun goals that can do wonders for your overall wellness. We know that just 15-minutes of reading every day can improve your mental wellbeing. Research has proved that regular reading can alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress. It can even extend your life by two years!That’s why we are relaunching the Fable Reading Challenge for our community. The rules are super simple: try to read for 15-minutes a day as much as you can in 2023! Join us at the #FableChallenge hashtag on your favorite social media platform, and tag a friend for some extra accountability and fellowship during the challenge.

Discover reading challenges on Fable

For challenges, you can read however you like, online or offline, with a print book, an audiobook, an eBook, or the Fable app (you can search our store here). If you need some inspiration, visit our book clubs page to find thousands of readers in your favorite genres! We’ll be checking in and featuring your success stories all year long! So why not give it a try? Remember to use #FableChallenge!Fable readers across the globe are joining reading challenges in 2023. We'll be tracking all the challenges mounted on Fable, so let us know if you start your own!

The top reading challenges

People around the globe are feeling more hopeful and setting more ambitious reading goals, resolving to tackle 12, 20, or even 52 books next year.Anyone can succeed with a reading challenge. You just have to learn how to fill the micro-moments in your life with stories. That could mean listening to an audiobook while doing the dishes or taking a book break after a long day of Zoom meetings. Participating in any of these reading challenges also fulfills your daily 15-minute requirement for the Fable Reading Challenge! These challenges are a fun way to make reading a daily habit and reap the wellness benefits as well. We’ve collected a few of our favorite reading challenges from the excellent Master List of Reading Challenges and find even more reading resolutions. 

Tackle My TBR Reading Challenge

"The goal is to read at least ONE book from your TBR every month."

The Feminist Reading Challenge

 "There are 23 reading prompts – read books for as many as you can."

Decolonize Your Bookshelf

"Read at least one book from any of the 28 categories on the graphic in an effort to diversify your reading."

Book to Movie (and TV)

"Read books being made into movies for release in 2023 (with additional levels for adaptations in other years)."

Libro.FM Audiobook Challenge

"Here are 24 challenges (that’s two per month) to help you read more and diversify your audiobook-listening this year"

How to make your reading challenge a success

Over at GirlXOXO, Kimberly Lynne and Tanya Patrice and have been hosting and participating in reading challenges since 2013. They have collected all the different literary marathons you can undertake this year in the handy Master List of Reading Challenges.We caught up with Kimberly to get some advice about choosing the reading resolution that’s right for you. “We always recommend choosing a reading challenge that both looks fun to you and challenges your reading. You want to enjoy the process but you also want to stretch your reading goals a bit,” Kimberly says. “It must be fun for you or you won't be able to commit to it for the entire year.”

1. Choose a challenge that matches your reading schedule.

“If you typically only finish two books a month, then you might not want to choose the 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge,” explains Kimberly. “Choosing a reading challenge that's not attainable for you personally will only discourage you and it will end up feeling like a chore.”

2. Track your progress.

Kimberly recommends using a notebook, a bullet journal, or a spreadsheet to track your reading progress. “If you're motivated by checking off boxes, then this will help you see your progress and stay excited about finishing,” she explains. Digital bookshelves (like the Fable app) are another way to track your progress.

3. Keep it fun!

“Tanya and I subscribe to the idea that a reading challenge should be a no-pressure, participate-as-you-can event,” says Kimberly. “You should never feel like you failed because you missed a prompt, a month, or if you deliberately chose to skip. If you can look back on the year and say that you read more than you read the previous year or that you stretched yourself as a reader or that you learned something new by participating in the challenge, then it’s a success!”Check out the advice section at Porch for more expert tips to make reading a daily habit.

How to start a reading challenge club on Fable

Once you decide on a challenge to participate in, you can use Fable's free social reading platform to make a reading challenge club so you can read with friends. You can read how to start a book club or just follow these simple steps:
  1. Click the “Book Clubs” icon at the bottom of the Fable app
  2. Press “Create New Club”
  3. Choose a name and description for your Book Club
  4. Invite your book buddy to join your club via email, text, or social media
  5. Add the book you want to read together & set simple milestones

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