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Do You Read One Book at a Time?

Reading Multiple Books at Once
Whether you read one book at a time or multiple books simultaneously, reading is one of the greatest habits you can cultivate in your life. In his super-practical book “Atomic Habits,” the great James Clear included books on his list of life-changing practices:

“Are you reading books and learning something new each day? Tiny battles like these are the ones that will define your future self.”

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Every week, I write about our amazing community’s different reading habits and hacks. This week, Fable member CameronReads led the conversation with their question: “I’m curious—what is everyone’s opinion on reading multiple books at once?” Hundreds of readers responded, and I've created two lists of people you can follow on Fable. One is for people who read many books at once, one is for readers who like one book at a time.
One-Book-at-a-Time readers on Fable
David: "Thought about trying it, but honestly, I don’t like the idea of it. If I’m reading a book, that’s the world I want to be in. I don’t really want to jump between two different ones."Caroline: "I can’t immerse myself in more than 1 world at a time!! Once I’m swept up by a book I’ll finish it in 2-3 days because I can’t stop!" Alix: "I'm a little scared to read multiple books at once. I’m easily overstimulated, and I’d hate to be overwhelmed by something I love."Dee: Do you read multiple books? "Never!" Ellen: "I usually only actively read one book, but I have no problem putting a book down for a few weeks to read some other things before coming back to it."
Multiple-Books-at-a-Time readers on Fable
Alexists: "I usually have 2 at the same time: one physical and one audio for all the commutes."KLamen: "Yes. It’s easier when it’s one fiction and one non, but sometimes it’s multiples."Libra: "I usually have a couple of fiction books, a nonfiction book, and an audiobook on the go. plus a few that I'm picking through VERY slowly, so I'm usually reading 3-7 books at once?"Wint: "I'm mixing physical books with an ebook over here at the moment. It's nice to decide to read whichever of the two that I fancy at that moment!"Courtney: "I have too...at all times. It’s the only way my brain/add works!"

There's no right way to read!

Reading the comments, I was inspired by all the different ways our community thinks about daily reading.For instance, Fable member Rachel likes to binge-read, tackling around four books at a time. “I think it gives me balance and prevents me from burning out on a genre or series,” she explained. “But honestly reading is reading and wonderful if you read one or four, 12 a year or 250!”“I'm a mood reader,” wrote Kit, sharing how her reading habit can change from day to day. “Whatever appealed to me yesterday may not jive with the mindset I have a few days later, then again, I might have an odd dream the very same night that sets me off in a completely different direction, or a rough time at work that leaves me craving the comfort of an old favorite reread.” “I don't read multiple books at the same time,” concluded Jwatkins, reminding us that there is no right or wrong answer to this question. “I say go for it! Do what makes you happy.”

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