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Tim O'Brien



TIM O’BRIEN received the 1979 National Book Award for Going After Cacciato. Among his other books are The Things They Carried, Pulitzer Finalist and a New York Times Book of the Century, and In the Lake of the Woods, winner of the James Fenimore Cooper Prize. He was awarded the Pritzker Literature Award for lifetime achievement in military writing in 2013.

Tim O'Brien Books

America Fantastica book cover

America Fantastica

Tim O'Brien
Sharks in Lake Erie book cover

Sharks in Lake Erie

H. John Hildebrandt
Dad's Maybe Book book cover

Dad's Maybe Book

Tim O'Brien
Always Cedar Point book cover

Always Cedar Point

H. John Hildebrandt
Buzz Stories at Thirty Thousand Feet book cover

Buzz Stories at Thirty Thousand Feet

David A. Price
Dick Kinzel book cover

Dick Kinzel

Tim O'Brien
Tony Baxter book cover

Tony Baxter

Tim O'Brien
The Nuclear Age book cover

The Nuclear Age

Tim O'Brien
Northern Lights book cover

Northern Lights

Tim O'Brien
Tomcat in Love book cover

Tomcat in Love

Tim O'Brien
If I Die in a Combat Zone book cover

If I Die in a Combat Zone

Tim O'Brien
The Things They Carried book cover

The Things They Carried

Tim O'Brien
Going After Cacciato book cover

Going After Cacciato

Tim O'Brien
Shades of Gray book cover

Shades of Gray

Carolyn Reeder
In the Lake of the Woods book cover

In the Lake of the Woods

Tim O'Brien
July, July book cover

July, July

Tim O'Brien
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