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T. Kingfisher



T. Kingfisher is the adult fiction pseudonym of Ursula Vernon, the multi-award-winning author of Digger and Dragonbreath. Perhaps best known for her children’s fiction, she is an author and illustrator based in North Carolina who has been nominated for the Ursa Major Award, the Eisner Awards, and has won the Nebula Award for Best Short Story for “Jackalope Wives” in 2015 and the Hugo Award for Best Novelette for “the Tomato Thief” in 2017. Her debut adult horror novel, The Twisted Ones, won the 2020 Dragon Award for Best Horror Novel, and was followed by the critically acclaimed The Hollow Places.

T. Kingfisher Books

What Feasts at Night book cover

What Feasts at Night

T. Kingfisher
Sneak Peek for What Feasts At Night book cover

Sneak Peek for What Feasts At Night

T. Kingfisher
Thornhedge book cover


T. Kingfisher
A House With Good Bones book cover

A House With Good Bones

T. Kingfisher
What Moves the Dead book cover

What Moves the Dead

T. Kingfisher
Nettle & Bone book cover

Nettle & Bone

T. Kingfisher
The Hollow Places book cover

The Hollow Places

T. Kingfisher
The Twisted Ones book cover

The Twisted Ones

T. Kingfisher
The Mythic Dream book cover

The Mythic Dream

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