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Paul West



A naturally gifted spiritual medium and healer, Paul has been listening to, writing and speaking the Voice For God (Holy Spirit) and Jesus for many years. He is a seasoned channeler, author and teacher.He continues to apply the forgiveness principles of A Course in Miracles to his own life in awakening towards God, and works to help others to do the same. He has been a student of A Course in Miracles for over 20 years and has gained great insight into its teachings with the help of the Holy Spirit and Jesus.You are encouraged to have an open mind and heart as you listen to the words which have come through him, as an offering of clarity and peace. Listen to your divine guidance and allow yourself to be lifted up into illumination. We are all awakening together. Love to you, today and every day!Visit online at www.miraculousliving.com

Paul West Books

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Armed with Madness

Mary Butts
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Djuna Barnes
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The Pearl and the Pumpkin

Paul West
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