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Marni S. Feldman



Marni S. Feldman has always had a keen business sense, along with strong involvements in the community, from passions for philanthropy, to a position of board establishments, along with political involvements. She had dreams of her own and is fulfilling them. “Because communication and calmness are continued keys to success.” Her lifelong involvement in fashion and arts has merited her to be known as having the Midas touch with her designs. After attending Syracuse University and London College of Fashion, she established a career and has created a company along with working to build her own business of trademarked brands, patent designs, an LLC, and a vast diversity of future collections. “Because to create something from nothing is sheer talented passion.” Marni always had a desire for entertainment as she loves bringing joy to people because the ability to make people laugh truly is a gift that keeps giving. She has been known as a show waiting to happen. The power of the voice with a copywritten show and further series concepts are in the works. “As if you get joy out of giving joy, you will have a joyful life.” Literature and creative writing were constant loves of hers as she has been told her talents have destined her for greatness. She created Quotes to Live By . . . and has many more quote books, along with a plethora of other topic concepts for later books in the works. She created T-shirts to promote, advertise, and merchandise with the books; however, they have both taken lives of their own and stand on their own merit solely as well. The main principle and direction of all ventures is to involve public figures and public people as it truly is always, of, for, and by the people. Not only will she use people’s concepts but she will also give them credit with residuals, commissions, bonuses, and what-have-yous to give back to the people and involve the “of, for, and by the people.” “As dreams fulfilled help others launch dreams in return.” The garments (fashion) will help bodies, the shows (entertainment), save souls, and the books (literature), sooth minds. All the concepts and creations are all timeless in their own right. It’s an era. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of life. They are quotes to live by, so think again, remember the quotes, and always be luminous.

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Quotes to Live by . . .

Marni S. Feldman
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