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Kay Salter



Kay Salter is a native of Beaufort, North Carolina. She is a retired school teacher and considers books her life-long friends. It has been her joy and privilege to share good literature with her students, children and grandchildren. Kay attends St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and makes quilts for orphans in Romania. She and her husband, Jimmy, enjoy fishing and swimming in the clear, clean waters off the North Carolina coast.

Kay Salter Books

Sarah book cover


Kay Salter
Thirteenth Summer book cover

Thirteenth Summer

Kay Salter
Fourteenth Summer book cover

Fourteenth Summer

Kay Salter
Twelfth Summer book cover

Twelfth Summer

Kay Salter
Eighteenth Summer book cover

Eighteenth Summer

Kay Salter
Barefoot in Beaufort I book cover

Barefoot in Beaufort I

Kay Salter
Seventeenth Summer book cover

Seventeenth Summer

Kay Salter
Sixteenth Summer book cover

Sixteenth Summer

Kay Salter
Fifteenth Summer book cover

Fifteenth Summer

Kay Salter
Life Is Meals book cover

Life Is Meals

James Salter
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