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Karen Barbour



Karen Barbour is an associate professor in dance in the School of Arts at The University of Waikato in Aotearoa New Zealand. Her teaching, performance and research focuses on embodied ways of knowing particularly feminist choreographic practices in dance, site-specific, digital dance and pedagogical movement contexts. Her book publications include Dancing Across the Page: Narrative and Embodied Ways of Knowing (Barbour 2011), (Re)Positioning Site Dance: Local Acts, Global Perspectives (Barbour et al. 2019) and Ethnographic Worldviews: Transformations and Social Justice (Rinehart et al. 2014). Karen is editor of the journal Dance Research Aotearoa, presents regularly at international conferences and has published her writing in a range of books and journals.

Karen Barbour Books

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(Re)Positioning Site Dance

Karen Barbour
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