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Falon Ballard



Falon Ballard loves to write about love! She also has an undying affection for exclamation points and isn’t ashamed to admit it! When she’s not writing fictional love stories, she’s helping real-life couples celebrate, working as a wedding planner in Southern California. She has a deep appreciation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is a Disneyland devotee, and is a reality TV aficionado. If she’s not busy wrangling her seven-year-old, you can probably find her drinking wine and posting a picture on Instagram while simultaneously snarking on Twitter, because multitasking!

Falon Ballard Books

Right on Cue book cover

Right on Cue

Falon Ballard
Just My Type book cover

Just My Type

Falon Ballard
Lease on Love book cover

Lease on Love

Falon Ballard
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