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Chloe Walsh



Chloe Walsh is the USA Today bestselling author of the Boys of Tommen series. She has been writing and publishing new adult and adult contemporary romance for a decade. Her books have been translated into multiple languages. Animal lover, music addict, TV junkie, Chloe loves spending time with her family and is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness. Chloe lives in Cork, Ireland, with her family.

Chloe Walsh Books

Taming 7 book cover

Taming 7

Chloe Walsh
Redeeming 6 book cover

Redeeming 6

Chloe Walsh
Saving 6 book cover

Saving 6

Chloe Walsh
Keeping 13 book cover

Keeping 13

Chloe Walsh
Binding 13 book cover

Binding 13

Chloe Walsh
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